I-70, MO


            Degree Project; Faculty Advisor SungHo Kim


            Best Degree Project, Washington Universtiy in St Louis, 2011

            Honorable Mention, Institutional Design Concept Category, Re-thinking The Future Awards, 2104

As Rainer Maria Rilke described in his Duino Elegies all the beautiful transitory moments, of which the powerless ephemeralness becomes the most powerful grasp, this thesis brings up the at­titude of taking advantage of the beauty of transitory moments instead of putting new attraction to a dying area.

The project is designed to be a highway rest stop, with a set of paths assorting movements of vehicles and pedestrians on a dying lot stretching along I-70. A system with spatial components and material layers is integrated into these paths, which captures and holds the light and reflection from automobiles moving at various speed, allowing the cooccurrence of multiple moments spanning a certain duration. It records and delays the transitory moments from disappearing so as to extend the time that one could experience and appreciate. The scale and intensity of those components are adjusted to each movement and the attached program, and are transformed into horizontal landscape with parking area and lights embedded within. This project attempts to create temporal experience through a polyphony of light.

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Catty Dan Zhang | 2022