Hybrid Formations




            Cambridge, MA


            Fabrication; Installation; Course Instructor Volkan Alkanoglu


            GSD Dean's Wall FEB 3 - MAR 31, 2017



            Catty Dan Zhang           

            Santiago Serna


From Course Summary:

“How much does your building weigh?” This question was posed to Lord Norman Foster by Buckminster Fuller after he visited the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Norwich, England. The building, a shed-alike structure made entirely out of glass, aluminum panels and a large structural spaceframe appeared to be floating while defying gravity, leaving Fuller astounded by its unfamiliar architectural appearance. 

How can you design something to be paper-thin and super-light while maintaining its structural integrity and creating big volumes?

Similar to the fabrication of an airplane we will apply techniques of the aviation and automobile industry to the fabrication of these prototypes. Manufactured out of extremely lightweight, aluminum panels, the installations will consist of unique and custom CNC cut components. These individual components will be assembled like a large 3-dimensional puzzle, forming an elegant, soft and dynamic volume. The assemblage of these components will form a complex and futuristic design. It will be conceived of as a aggregation of volumes speculating on architectural ‘raum’ while; to answer Bucky Fuller's question, we will be very much aware of how much our building (prototype) weighs.

©Maggie Janik

©Maggie Janik