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            Cambridge, MA


            Prosthetics; Projection; Interactive Wearable; 


            June, 2016, ACSA International Conference, Santiago, Chile


            Adam Pere

            Catty Dan Zhang

MASKS is a wearable device which translates the body's physiological changes into a tangible medium. Through projections on the mask, the body, and the space, it exaggerates the silent dialogue between human life and the built environment by visualizing flow patterns from a projector above one’s head onto a translucent veil in front of one’s mouth and the surrounding surfaces, and blending light, pulse and breath with the human form and space.

One wears the screen while ascending and descending steps creating an improvised performance of one's pulse and breath reacting to the effort expelled from vertical movement. These silent biological signals - being sensed, visualized, and projected- become as loud, if not louder, than verbal communication forcing us to take notice of the often ignored sensations and the muted impact that the environment has on our bodies.

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