Cambridge, MA


            Robot; Faculty Advisor Chuck Hoberman


            June, 2016, ACSA International Conference, Santiago, Chile


            Catty Dan Zhang

            Anu Akkineni

rBAT is inspired by the flying behavior of birds and bats in the nature, and the advances of aerodynamics and control of man-made flying machines. It challenges the capacity of using informal techniques to create robust flapping motion which generates a certain amount of thrust. It consists of four major components- a central double-layered mechanism that controls the flapping behavior; a tail which balances the body weight while generating downward thrust; a motor and gear system based off a four-bar linkage which transfers the continuous rotary motion into rotary input within certain range to drive both the flapping mechanism and the tail movements; as well as a pair of wings made out of rigid skeleton and thin polyester film, including also two sets of passive linkages for compliance during a full stroke of flapping.


rBAT is being developed with testing equipments and currently it moves forward and backward along a pair of horizontal rails. Its directionality of motion is controlled by the DC motor speed.


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