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            Temporary Installation / Competition Entry

Today, when public experiences are often technologically augmented, connected and networked beyond spatial boundaries, how can the architecture and design of public spaces celebrate the physicality of places in the city as multivalent social mediums that synchronize share, exchange, and care? Shower Room is designed as a temporary pavilion, aspiring to not only create spaces for collective experiences, but also provoke new possibilities of collective imaginary of forms of being together.


From large communal shower area built by ancient Greeks to the first patent of shower in 1767 and to present days, shower room have become one of the most fundamental architectural elements in domestic as well as institutional settings. Borrowing the concept of it as an integral part of living, the pavilion builds towards a perception the interchangeable of the public and the private for outdoor gathering in the late spring weather. Playing with turning a composition of 2D hatch patterns into 3D forms, the design reassembles an image of a soft drape, oversized shower heads, and benches in the changing room–visually familiar symbols found in shower rooms–into a public celebration of a shared private environment. It offers a framework of inhabitable forms and patterns that afford various modes of interaction. Semi enclosed area serves as an urban room for modest size events, talks, performances, while providing a backdrop on its west side allowing for extended gathering spaces and activities. The curved veil aligns the center on its east edge with the existing sculpture 'LOS MARCHOS' on the plaza that was made in honor of pilgrims in 2003. Appearing to be walking through a doorway into the room, the sculpture animates the pavilion by stitching moments throughout time as the two cast bronze figures which acknowledge the history encountering visitors of the present day in this shared space.

_s_final_A_cdz_update1105_5 [Converted] copy.jpg
_s_final_A_cdz_update1105_8 [Converted] copy.jpg
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