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The Thin/Scene Edge




            Sydney, Australia


            Competition; Affordable Housing


            Sydney Affordable Housing Competition Shortlisted

            Team: Catty Dan Zhang, Mahdi Ghavidel Sedehi, Teagan Dorsch, Noah Nelson, UNCC

Responding to the expansion of mega cities, the resultant shortage of spaces, and the interfered natural lands, this proposal describes an “edge” typology of affordable housing as livable urban / nature boarders. The surfaces of natural landscape is to be kept at the largest capacity, visually being stretched and extended into vertical veils as meeting the expanding urban boundaries. Shared structural members attach the stacked living units to the back side of this green veil, which are sandwiched between the circulation core facing the urban side and the vertical green surface.

Intimately sitting against each other, these layers form a thin profile adapting to the spatial constraints. As an expandable system, phased construction process allows future additions along both vertical and horizontal axes.
The stacking organization of the housing units in both plan and elevation provides individualized scenery of nature framed or filtered by the green veil. Made with seeded composite material, this planted vertical surface is panelized, allowing low initial fabrication cost and simple maintenance by the occupants.

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